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  • Maya Sinha

New short fiction: A Minor Death

After a spring blogging hiatus, which I do not at all blame on my kids' sports schedule, I am happy to be back with a just-published short story.

The characters of Porfirio Garza and Justina Gregg came to me one day in the spring of 2020, a few weeks into California's Covid-19 lockdown, as I sat in the backyard with a legal pad on my lap and a fine-tipped Sharpie in my hand. A fair amount of doodling was involved.

Two years later, they are making their public debut in a new online journal that has published the brilliant Luke Burgis and many other notable writers. Spring sports are finished for the year, but I call that a homerun for Mom.

(Image: Hugo Simberg, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

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